Mount Fuji Bus Tour - Budget guided one day trip around Mt.Fuji,Five Lakes.

Mt.Fuji One Day Bus Tour for budget travellers.
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About us


Q:Is lunch included?
A: No it isn't. We stop for lunch at Kawaguchiko area for an hour, and there are some restaurants we can recommend. You can even try local specialty Hoto pot noodle.

Q:In case of rain, would the tour be cancelled?
A: We are planning to have this tour regardless of weather condition. However, we cancel the tour in case of severe weather such as typhoon. We would arrange the itinerary in case of rain.

Q:Can I take my suitcase with me on the tour?
A: We recommend you to leave your suitcases or large backpacks at your accommodation or train station. There might not be enough space for your luggage on the bus if it is full.

Q:What would happen if I come late?
A: The tour departs each location on time, and we will leave you if you are late for assembly time. Please make a great effort to be on time.

Q:Can I see Mt.Fuji for certain?
A: It all depends on weather condition. You might not have good visibility of Mt.Fuji and other scenery. In such cases, a tour operator would take you to other locations.

Q:Can I join the tour only for half a day?
A: We accept half day tour if there are still seats available. However, we have the right to cancel the tour 2 days beore the touring day if all participants book only half day tour.

Q:Do you have child rate?
A: Yes, we do. The child rate is 4400 JPY ( must be 11 years old or younger), and free of charge for infant(must be 2 years old or younger and seated on your knees).

Q:Do you have transportation to / from our hotel?
A: We are sorry for we do not have pick up / drop off service. Please ask your accommodation for the transportation between the accommodation and Kawaguchiko station.

Q:Can I get several discounts together at a time?
A: Sorry, multiple discounts cannot be applied at once.

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